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Febrile Seizures: Here’s What You Must Know!

febrile seizure

Have you ever had a child who is down with the fever and suddenly develops weird jerky movements all over the body? Then you’re probably a parent who has experienced what is known as the febrile seizure. Just what is febrile seizure?


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Why You Should Think Twice About Swimming In The River


Summer time, morning dip. While submerging your body in the lake/river and splashing water at your friends sounds pretty much like a good idea, promise me to do the same when you finish reading this article. This is not about the haunted river, not about water current swallowing lives, and definitely not about the crocodile encounter. This is about leptospirosis, a bacterial disease which affects humans and animals.


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Infertile To Fertile: Stories Of Hope

catching my baby dust

For couples that are trying to start a family, it can get really frustrating if they are unable to conceive soon. At times, the reasons for not conceiving may be simple but some times, the cause can be infertility. Dr Helena Lim from the KL Fertility Centre here in Kuala Lumpur has put together a book called “Catching My Baby Dust” and we spoke to her about it.


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8 Things You Must Know About Typhoid Fever

typhoid fever

Typhoid fever cases were pretty much in the news last year in Kuala Lumpur, it is always better to know information beforehand, so let’s find out what this disease is all about? We’ve got the what and the how about this disease all covered in this post.


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Get to Know – Dr. Ian Tan, Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya

Dr Ian Tan of Anna Hoo Clinic

As we wait in the plush clinic of Dr. Anna Hoo, a very pleasant looking young man greets us, we find out he is Dr. Ian Tan. A very friendly and charming Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Petaling Jaya (who wouldn’t want to get themselves treated from someone like that haha)