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What Is Leprosy? Here Is What You Need To Know

what is leprosy

**warning** – some images may be graphic

Once upon a time, when things were not as sophisticated and refined as the present time, when love letters had not been replaced by text messages, and when a lot of drugs were not invented to treat diseases yet, people used to live in darkness. It is unfortunate to say that not everyone has a “happily ever after” ending, particularly, in this case, those who had contracted diseases like leprosy.


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Garlic: Hate it or love it


One of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, garlic has its share of fame and popularity throughout history. Highly prized as a culinary spice, it has recently been placed in the limelight being crowned as a superfood. Notorious for its pungent smell and distinctive flavour, it was used as a vampire repellent as well as a currency and medicine. Other members in the garlic family include leeks, spring onions and chives, all of which also carry a distinct flavour and aroma.

Why do people consider garlic a superfood?


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What You Must Know About The Heart

about the heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is said to be one of the leading causes of death in the world and atleast half of these cases are said to occur in Asia. When compared with the west, most Asian countries are estimated to have higher age-adjusted mortality from CVD. To know more about the heart and heart disease, we spoke to Dr Eric Chong, cardiologist from ESC Cardiovascular & Medicine Clinic, Singapore.


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Kickstart Your Diet: Healthy Food Swaps


Ready to make a healthy change in your life? Taking the first step is always the hardest, be it trying out a new exercise class or sport, starting a new job or school, or starting a healthy diet.

When it comes to food, there is no shortage of #healthyliving inspiration around us to kickstart our #health. Some might say it’s relatively easy to start. Salad bars and healthy snacks available everywhere and mountains of #fitspo #nutrition topics to keep you reading for days. For some this inspires, but for others this tsunami of information leaves them lost and confused, not knowing where to start.

I find that the biggest challenge to maintaining a healthy body would be continuously making healthier choices over readily available comfort foods. For instance, choosing fish soup over curry rice in a hawker center during lunch time or packing your own lunch box over the cheap $2 chicken rice. Living healthy can be tiring. Especially with all these delicious foods surrounding us! Not everyone is able to have salad for lunch or find the time to pack and prepare home-cooked lunches everyday. Diet changes are never easy to follow and little steps can be all it takes to make big changes to your health. Baby steps like swapping high fat or highly processed foods with healthier alternatives can help ease yourself into it.


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Kim Kardashian Has This But Lives On With It!


** Warning to our readers** Some of the images in this post are graphic and we advice you to use caution when reading.


To be honest, psoriasis is a challenge to the physicians for there is no permanent cure for psoriasis; also it gives major heart-breaks to those who suffer from this disease. As the writer, John Updike so poignantly said about being a person with psoriasis, “I am silvery, scaly. Puddles of flakes form wherever I rest my flesh. Lusty, though we are loathsome to love. Keen-sighted, though we hate to look upon ourselves. The name of the disease, spiritually speaking, is Humiliation.”