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Why You Should Start Exercising Now?

exercise is important

Are you looking to reduce the risk of disease? Do you want to look and feel better physically as well as mentally? Do you want to keep doing activities that you enjoy doing, all through your life?


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5 Steps to stay healthy at work

Prepared Meal

Like you already know from my previous articles, a healthy diet is the cornerstone for a healthy physical and psychological condition. Taking a well-balanced nutrition takes time and preparation and is definitely a challenge during everyday life. Stress and time pressure are well known reasons for falling back to bad nutrition at work. Besides that, healthy food providing restaurants are rarely available in some areas. During my professional career I suffered many times from this problem. Yes, I go that far to call this a real problem. The wrong diet can wipe out all your possible successes and is therefore a big topic especially for sportsmen. In this article you can learn some easy tips to eat healthy every day and also get to know how you can supply your body with the needed nutrition even at work.


Health and Fitness, Workout

Rules for getting 6-Pack ABS for Men and Women

How to get ABS in some easy steps

A hard trained six-pack well defined with Abdominal muscles (abs) and a lean look, lying on the sandy beach. Isn’t that what we always dreamt of? Lots of people work hard for this for a long time, but never get the expected result. And it is just because they lack basic knowledge of some essential rules. In the following article I am going to point out the Do´s and Don’ts of training your belly.
All information and exercises are fit for both men and women. There is a lot of misinformation about women and heavylifts, that they would not get a masculine shape as long as they don´t change their lifestyle completely, that they must follow a lot of standards and partake the hormone testosterone. So dear women,fret not, this fear is unfounded.



ZUMBA – The healthy way to have fun!

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I never actually got to know about Zumba much, until recently when I saw my favourite artist tweeting about it so often. At first I thought it was just some sort of album name or a friend of hers until I noticed the increase in her regular tweets about it. So that prompted me into doing a little research about this ‘zumba’ thing that she raves about.

A compilation of 2NE1's CL on her Zumba hype. Image source:

A compilation of 2NE1’s CL on her Zumba hype. Image source:



What to eat – for a physically active person

Healty vs Unhealthy Lifestyle

Carbs, protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are crucial for every athlete. But how much of each do I eat? When do I eat what? Before or after sports?


People indulge in sports to improve their performance, lose or gain weight or just to be fit. Even if it is just a hobby and not about setting up any records the right nutrition is essential to achieve your personal goals. It is well known that the performance and the physical condition of the human body are strongly linked to our food and its nutrition, vitamins and minerals.



5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast for the Chinese New Year


With Chinese New Year literally just around the corner, I’m pretty sure everyone wants to look good to present themselves well at family reunions. We all want to look our best; fitting in clothes perfectly and taking good photos at your best form. So I’m quite sure you would want to drop some pounds before the celebration so you can make more space to tuck into those delicious New Year cookies and reunion dinners! Therefore, I am compiling some useful tricks in keeping yourself in shape and lose weight fast in these few days. If you stick to your routine strictly, you will see obvious results!