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10 New Year Resolutions for Your Fertility Journey in 2017

new year resolutions

Yet another year has passed by us! We all intend to welcome the New Year with new goals and plans to work towards a better us. Some will be making New Year resolutions like ‘I want to lose weight’ ‘I want to grow a step higher in my career’. For some couples, the New Year resolutions might be ‘It’s time to have a child in our family’. What could be the New Year resolutions for couples? We have interviewed Fertility Specialist, Dr Agilan Arjunan from KL Fertility Centre, for his suggestions on the 10 New Year Resolutions for Couples.

We can divide couples into two groups, to whom this list might be beneficial for:

  1. Those who want to take time in planning a family.
  2. Those who have been trying to start a family but the past years have been very stressful for them.

 Dr Agilan hopes that these resolutions will give them a new direction and a focus: What can they do this year? Let’s hear what Dr Agilan has to say in his own words.


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Egg Freezing: Is It For You?

Egg Freezing

In our previous interview with Dr Helena Lim, we got to know about the book “Catching My Baby Dust” that documents stories of 14 couples who underwent the IVF journey. We continue our talk with Dr Helena and today we will hear from her about Egg Freezing.

Egg Freezing is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored. Later, when she is ready to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. Is egg freezing an option for you? Find our more from Dr Helena Lim, fertility specialist in KL Fertility Centre.


GetDoc: Hi Dr Helena, Egg freezing technique, what is the trend in Malaysia? Did you see a rise after Apple and Facebook announced last year they’d cover egg-freezing in their employee health plans?

Dr. Helena: Egg freezing has gained popularity in Malaysia over the years; however I do not see the correlation between the increased numbers and the announcement by Apple and Facebook.

However, whenever someone is diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that strikes people’s mind is ‘is my child going to die?’ or ‘am I going to die?’ They are carried away with getting off the cancer, paying attention as preserving fertility seems to be ‘wasting time’. However, patients should not rule out this option, should they want to have offspring in future.


Expert Says, Infertility

Infertile To Fertile: Stories Of Hope

catching my baby dust

For couples that are trying to start a family, it can get really frustrating if they are unable to conceive soon. At times, the reasons for not conceiving may be simple but some times, the cause can be infertility. Dr Helena Lim from the KL Fertility Centre here in Kuala Lumpur has put together a book called “Catching My Baby Dust” and we spoke to her about it.


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Is This A Cause of Infertility As Well?



Girls: “Urgh, why are there so many paperwork to do?”

Girls: “Oh my, this weather is insane!”

Girls: “Why can’t you love me the way I loved you?”

Hormones! We girls blame everything on the hormones in the body whenever we are depressed, angry, frustrated, in pain or even elated. Everything is intensified with hormones! But, to a lot of women out there, nothing’s more suffocating than having menstrual pain. Worse is, the same feeling comes every month at the most random moment and place. As a woman living in a sophisticated world now, we ought to know more about our body condition. A female’s abdominal pain could be due to any reason like appendicitis, menstrual pain, and food poisoning. One condition everyone, especially the ladies, should bring a close concern to is called endometriosis.



Smoking and Vaping during Pregnancy: To Quit or Not to Quit?


“Smoking is bad for you” is something just about every smoker and non-smoker has heard at least a million times. Now let us give you some insight as to how popular and common smoking is right now in Malaysia. According to the SunDaily just last year, 4.7 million people out of nearly 30 million in Malaysia are regular smokers. That is nearly 1 in every 6 people that tend to smoke. This means every family has at least 1 smoker. Imagine that! And if we look at the gender based statistics, it shows that 38% of the male population in Malaysia are smokers while 1.7% of the females in Malaysia are smokers. Though the female side of the statistics may not seem too worrying, it is a stark increase from just a few years back when less than 1% had been smoking. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the habit of smoking in this country is rising and rising fast.



Sex without success? Problem: Infertility

Couple struggling to get pregnant

Finishing University, starting a career, meeting a partner, falling in love, starting a family and living a happy live. That’s how the life plan looks like in movies and many people would agree on that. But what if the “totally normal” procedure of starting a family and conceiving a baby does not work? An increasing number of couples suffer from this problem, called Infertility.



To let it hang, or to keep it tight?

Briefs vs Boxers in male infertility

So it recently came to my attention that there are an increasing number of couples who are having trouble in making babies. And what caught my attention even more is that your choice of underwear could actually be playing a role in you not being able to continue leaving a legacy in the form of a child. In other words, your inner garment might just be the cause of your infertility. For all the men out there, please spare a few minutes to read this article because for all you know, this article could ensure the continuity of your lineage.



Wait No More! Get Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage Is Good

Pregnant Woman

Having a miscarriage is devastating. Miscarriage is also known as pregnancy loss, that is the natural death of an embryo or fetus before 20 weeks.

What are the common causes of recurrent miscarriages?

  1. Anatomical Causes

When our body structure causes the miscarriage, it could be due to a misshaped uterus, incompetent cervix, large uterine fibroids or severe Asherman’s syndrome.

  1. Genetic Causes

Men and women above 35 have a greater chance of genetic defects in either the egg or the sperm.