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Age-Related Deafness – Is There a Solution?

hearing loss

Have there been times you encountered your aging dad or grandparents finding it difficult to hear what you are trying to tell them? Probably age is catching up? As we age, we tend to experience a number of changes in the way the body functions. One of the changes due to this can be hearing loss. Deafness due to aging is a common condition that impacts many older adults. Almost 1 in 2 adults over the age of 65 years do experience some degree of hearing loss.


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Debunking the Vaccine Myths

vaccine myth

Measles, Rubella, HPV, Tuberculosis. What do these names have in common? Simple. These are all diseases which are easily preventable via vaccination, normally done during childhood as recommended by the WHO and Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). These diseases have little or no occurrences in the past decade, however, recently, there has been an alarming number of these cases being reported, not just in Malaysia, but worldwide. Why so? This phenomena can be attributed to anti-vaccination groups. And the fact that there are several vaccine myths making the rounds that we need to debunk!


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How To Get More Fibre Into Your Diet


Most of us need to eat more fibre and have fewer added sugars in our diet. Eating plenty of fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

Government guidelines published in July 2015 say that our dietary fibre intake should increase to 30g a day, as part of a healthy balanced diet. As most adults are only eating an average of about 18g day, we need to find ways of increasing our intake.

Children under the age of 16 don’t need as much fibre in their diet as older teenagers and adults, but they still need more than they get currently:

  • 2-5 year-olds: need about 15g of fibre a day
  • 5-11 year-olds: need about 20g
  • 11-16 year-olds: need about 25g

On average, children and teenagers are only getting around 15g or less of fibre a day. Encouraging them to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and starchy foods (choosing wholegrain versions and potatoes with the skins on where possible) can help to ensure they are eating enough fibre.


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Honey For Babies – Yes Or No?


A frequently asked question when it comes to infant food is about giving babies honey. Although honey seems like a wholesome and natural food to give your infant, it is advisable not to do it until after the baby is at least 12 months of age. Honey can contain spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can germinate in a baby’s immature digestive system and cause infant botulism, a rare but possibly fatal illness. 


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How often should you see the dentist?


You may assume you should have a dental check-up every six months, but some people may not need to go so often and others may need more frequent checks.

Your dentist will suggest when you should have your next check-up based on how good your oral health is.
The time between check-ups can vary from three months to two years, depending on how healthy your teeth and gums are and your risk of future problems.