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Piling Up!

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Just the mention of the word hemorrhoids brings back painful memories in many people. Hemorrhoids is one issue that affects every human atleast once in their lifetime. Some might not be too open to talk about this, while others cringe and cry just at the mention. Why is this condition treated with so much pain and hate? Let’s find out.


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Liver Cancer – The What & The How?

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We incidentally lost our beloved Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar Sultan Ibrahim to killer cancer in 2015, that too at a pretty young age! We have all heard about Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer but Liver cancer, what is this cancer?? We seem to not know anything about it. At GetDoc Says, we try to put together information, so that our readers are not losing out on the knowledge sharing. Let us read on to find out about the disease.


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Solution for Obesity? What Is It?


In our past series of articles, we read about Diabesity and Obesity. These diseases are pretty common in this day and age. The implications of these diseases are plenty and can be life-threatening as well if appropriate action is not taken at the right time.


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How To Ensure Your Child Is Ready For The New Year!


The new year is upon us yet again! How were your holidays spent? Most parents would be busy getting back to work, after spending the vacation, planning trips, going places, all for the sake of their kids. Yet, many do not realise they have forgotten one thing; Health! 2 months away from the school has done it’s good for the kid’s mental well being, but how about their physical well being?


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Pros And Cons Of Bariatric Surgery

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So far we have read about Diabesity, the possible solutions for people who are extremely overweight. Bariatric Surgery is a blessing in disguise for people who are looking to lose that excess weight and get on the healthy track before catastrophe strikes.