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How Loneliness Can Affect Your Health

Loneliness, can it even affect our health? Yes, it does! The word lonely itself is so depressing, oh, good lord! It affects our health way too much than we can imagine. Loneliness must not be rubbished and pushed under the carpet; it needs perseverance to come out of it and move on in life, making happiness a part of life rather than sadness! We have put together a few side-effects of loneliness and how you can get out of it, read on to find out!

You are more likely to gain oodles of weight.

weight gain

Many a time, people are found to be binge eating to fight loneliness and depression. This is not so uncommon these days ? there is probably one person each of us knows who fits this statement entirely. Few incidents in life that occur can end up making them lonely, a perfect excuse for over-eating, and add to it absolute lack of any form of physical activity; leave alone exercise ends up straining the weighing scale!

You would not take care of yourself.couchpotato

Two events can occur ? either people overeat or eat too little when lonely. It becomes so uninspiring even to finish a meal, and sometimes you just want to get over with the eating just for the sake of it or mindlessly eat while watching TV, thus becoming a couch potato ? in both cases, it is the health that takes a beating.

Immunity takes a hit.

fall sick often

Research says that even the thought of feeling lonely (leave alone actual loneliness) can increase the risk of premature death by 14%. Loneliness appears to activate the fight-or-flight response in the body (usually occurs in response to a threat to life/survival), thereby causing more inflammation and a weak immune response.

Loneliness can end up in depression.


Depression and loneliness are very closely interrelated. Rejection from people who you know can make you lonely and bring in the nasty depression. The thought of being isolated from a group kills more than anything else.

You will end up with sleep disorders.


Insomnia is a typical ?symptom? seen in people who are alone. Even those spouses whose partners are away for a short time exhibit insomnia, I am guilty of it myself!

How do we deal with it?

  • If you are the social type, try to meet up people at meetings and gatherings ? make it a point to keep up the appointment. Push yourself to do positive stuff; you have to do it for yourself more than anyone else!
  • Create a journal, a diary to jot down the day?s happenings; this will eventually lead you to plan something every day. Pat yourself for things you did that you enjoyed doing helps you motivate yourself to do more!
  • Join groups that do things you like or have a liking for, say hiking or cycling, or shuttle badminton! You will get some physical exercise as well as make a few friends in the process and also you will get a good sleep due to the workout, isn’t it true?
  • Volunteer! There is nothing better than volunteering, and it helps you rediscover yourself, gives you a bit of happiness of having done something for the society as well!
  • A bit of advice to friends of people who might exhibit or share thoughts on how lonely they feel, help your friends, help them come out of it, show them you care!


Oh, Wait, Valentine?s Day is around the corner, so if you think you are lonely and wish to be among the happy crowd, why wait! ? grab this chance to make friends, and who knows you might find love as well! Be positive, choose happiness over loneliness; let us all be happy and healthy people in this beautiful life!

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