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We reside in such a complicated world that many people have relied on meditation to manage their day to day lives. From world-renown figures and stars to regular individuals, many individuals depend on reflection to provide clarity and a sense of function in the things that they do. I do...
depressed person
I'm sure we've all suffered from a depressive mode every now and then. It's the feeling where we do not need to energy or even the inspiration to do the usual things that we do, whether it's work, school, or socializing. In many cases, it typically passes after a...
CBD OIL for Corona Virus
A worldwide pandemic has gripped the entire world and has actually put numerous cities on lockdown. Services cease operation, individuals asked to stay home, travels stopped all in an effort to stop the spread of the infection. With all this mayhem and unpredictability looming over humankind's head, many people can't...

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Text Neck

Are You at Risk of a Text Neck?

Seems Familiar doesn’t it? Well, if you do hold your mobile device like this, it’s about time you stop because we have a 21st century problem at hand and it is known as Text Neck. Text neck? Yes, text neck. Text neck (try saying it repetitively and twice as fast for a fun tongue twister challenge) is [...]