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Research studies expose that around 50% of Americans said that they wished to drop weight between 2013 and 2016. The high number is a sign that reducing weight is the objective of a significant amount of people both in America and throughout the world at large.Exercising can be a...
Foods That Increase Brain Power
Have you ever been puzzled when picking what you consume to recover your brain capability? Do you understand that food touches our brainpower? As you know, what we consume straight impacts our body and looks. So, it is authoritative to eat healthy foods that offer the correct effects to...
Text Neck

Are You at Risk of a Text Neck?

Seems Familiar doesn?t it? Well, if you do hold your mobile device like this, it?s about time you stop because we have a 21st?century problem at hand and it is known as?Text Neck. Text neck? Yes, text neck. Text neck (try saying it repetitively and twice as fast for a fun tongue twister challenge) is [...]