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Sambal Food
Sambal is a hot sauce that is popular in many Southeast Asian countries especially Malaysia and Indonesia. Its earthiness and spiciness might tingle your taste buds. Its main ingredients that comprises of chili peppers, lime juice, shallots, salt, sugar and salt are easily found in this region. Other ingredients such as belacan (shrimp paste) maybe [...]
Girl Superstition
Living in a traditional Malaysian household, my mother never fails to tell me things I shouldn?t do for the fear that something unlucky might befall on us. To top that off, my parents are quite the superstitious people so there were a lot of restrictions to what I could do but never knew why I [...]
Text Neck

Are You at Risk of a Text Neck?

Seems Familiar doesn?t it? Well, if you do hold your mobile device like this, it?s about time you stop because we have a 21st?century problem at hand and it is known as?Text Neck. Text neck? Yes, text neck. Text neck (try saying it repetitively and twice as fast for a fun tongue twister challenge) is [...]